Employment costs during the financial period were as follows:

 52 Weeks
29 November
52 Weeks
30 November
Staff Costs During the Period:
Wages and salaries206.8165.8
Social security costs18.114.6
Other pension costs5.14.1
Share-based payment expense*9.96.0
Total gross employment costs239.9190.5
Staff costs capitalised to Intangible assets(21.3)(17.3)
Staff costs capitalised to property, plant and equipment(5.8)(4.3)
Total Employment Cost Expense212.8168.9
Average Monthly Number of Employees (including Executive Directors) by Function
Operational staff7,4536,001
Support staff1,2411,004

*Included in the share-based payment expense is the IFRS 2 charge of £7.8 million (2014: £4.4 million) and an additional provision of £2.1 million (2014: £1.6 million) for the payment of amounts due to participants of the Cash LTIP and employer's NIC upon allotment of the share awards.